Today I’m grateful for:
💗 watching the absolute delight and joy as my daughter played with her bubble machine.

💟laughing to the point of tears watching my son play wrestle with our dog
💝being able to read my book
💙the warm sun
💋enjoying random kisses and cuddles from my kids


Green thumbs


Today I’m grateful for:

🐞 Building a new vegie garden with my daughter. She is so into gardening and digging Im so proud!
🐦 My son laughing
🐳My mum who cracks me up as shes teaching my kids alot of mischief
🐶Our dog make me laugh harder as when im in the garden digging she helps as well. She finds a worm, flicks it at me feeling so proud.
👹Almost finishing my crochet minion..its huge



Today I’m grateful for :

💗 Watching my daughter play wih our dog, so cute!
💟 Being able to start and ive almost finished crocheting a minion.
💖 The warm rays on such a cold windy day.
💚 Coffee..
💓 My son whom still wants to kiss me goodnight. He told me no matter how old i get mum i will always kiss you goodnight.



Today I’m grateful for :

💗 My mum jumping in and enjoying finger painting with my daughter.
💛 My kids cuddles and kisses.
💜 My son playing in our ‘wooden kitchen’ with his sister: pretending to cook.
💖 My free hot chocolate I recieved for my son (gloria jeans rewards)
💚 My g.p who regardless of being fully booked took the time to tell me my blood results over the phone..and is sending me for more.

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Today I’m grateful for :
💗 My son who made me laugh so hard tonight i had tears and struggled to breath.
💖 My daughter makes me laugh as she walks around with millions of hand bags saying “shop mum”
💝 Being able to see that im not the only single mum on the journey of t.t.c another child via donors.
💟 Being told by lots of randoms today that my hair color looks amazing.
💜 Being able to repot and plant peices of my garden.

Old school MANNERS


This Personally irritates me. I have noticed that so many people have no manners or even grasp the concept of using manners. Their is nothing worse than hearing kids say “I want etc etc”, society on a whole has just become so rude. I personally have been raised with the old school manners rule. I’m also raising my children that way. Its lovely to hear so much positive feed back on how wonderfully mannered they are then followed by “I wish some children were like that” This isn’t a rant on how children are spoilt brats etc this also includes all ages.

What are old school manners you say??
👍Looking people in the eye when talkin to them
👍Always say please and thank you..ever heard this “whats the magic word?”
👍Talk to people, engage in conversation not being so distracted by your mobile etc
👍Introduce yourself
👍Respect your elders
👍Dont interrupt conversation.. wait for a pause and say excuse me..
👍Dont stare its rude
The list goes on. Basically its all the SMALL STUFF that is forgotten.

For adults I’ve noticed hardly anyone uses their manners. Seriously and the worst offenders I get most irritated by are people driving and people who cross the crossings these days dont even put their hand up to signal thanks. You know if people we actually aware that if they just used the “thanks signal” by waving or putting up their hand to indicate thank you, I would bet this would be a major contributor to down grading road rage. Think about it: have you ever let someone indicate and enter your lane when its peak traffic and you became pissed off at their rudeness. .. how much of a difference would you feel if they signaled thanks? Thank simple action acknowledges you and their gratefulness of letting them in.
I would seriusly value if anyone took the time to comment and acknowledge they read this.



Today I’m grateful for :
🐋 Playing with my minions and our dog in the backyard.
🐊 Getting a free coffee.
🐄 Random 5 minutes of peace.
🐲 My daughter who didn’t have the run reaction when friends visited.
🐯 Watching my son read to my daughter (nevermind it was transformers its cute!)



Today I’m grateful for :
💐 Taking my minions to the library. The amount of fun we had was amazing.
🙊 Target toy sale: funniest thing ever whilst shopping their today!
🐙 My mum who cracks me up laughing without trying.
👫 My beautiful children who amaze me everyday.
🐕 Our border collie: such a big placid sook. Nothing brightens you up like sitting and talking to her whilst she indulges in a monster pat session.



Ok. I’m going to be honest and put this out in the open: I want to have my last baby. I want to fall pregnant and have my last child. Call it intuition but I’ve had this mad feeling that I want and need to have my last child. How? Well considering im happily single with 100% custody of both kids: I need my implanon out and I asked my g.p if I could go to a donor clinic. His simple answer is yes. He was and always been up most helpful with anything medical that I have and this time I couldn’t be anymore grateful if I tried. He is one in a million. So what next? Well im not that type of person who has one night stands/casual sex etc sorry its just not me. I asked a lot of local fertility clinics and they don’t just implant donor sperm. I went back to my g.p and told him the news and he said “lucky for you I’ve got quite a few lesbian couples as patients. I asked them how they go about getting pregnant via donor sperm..” he handed me a list of information with a handwritten note saying good luck.. so here I’m on the hunt for high quality donor sperm… oh how times have changed!!wpid-download.jpg



Today I’m grateful for :
💗 My son playing funny games with my daughter. Its just priceless and so beautiful.
💋Watching my daughter develop her little personality. Bliss.
💪Being able to help mum when she needs medical attention asap.
🙆Being able to touch up my hair color whilst multitasking.
👂Listening and laughing a the conversations my mum has with my kids.

Implanon implant…


wpid-images.jpgOh my god. I have had a few of these implants in my arm and let me tell you they’re not all wonderful like their made out to be. Firstly here are the different body reactions they apparently have: (I have attached the website to the description below)

The most common side effect of IMPLANON® (etonogestrel implant) is a change in your normal menstrual bleeding pattern. In studies, about 1 out of 10 women stopped using the implant because of an unfavorable change in their bleeding pattern. You may experience longer or shorter bleeding during your periods or have no bleeding at all. The time between periods may vary, and in between periods you may also have spotting.

Besides changes in menstrual bleeding patterns, other frequent side effects that caused women to stop using the implant include: Mood swings, Weight gain, Headache, Acne, Depressed mood

Other common side effects include:
Headache, Vaginitis (inflammation of the vagina), Weight gain, Acne, Breast pain, Viral infections such as sore throats or flu-like symptoms, Stomach pain, Painful periods, Mood swings, nervousness, or depressed mood, Back pain, Nausea, Dizziness, Pain at the site of insertion. This is not a complete list of possible side effects. For more information, ask your health care provider for advice about any side effects that concern you.

My Experiences Were:
🎯1st implant: I had my period heavy as for a constant 6 months at a time. I felt like I should have had shares in the tampon companies as I had to buy super tampons like they were lollies! Needless to say after dealing with a heavy flow non stop I had it removed.
🎯2nd implant: I had some periods but they were random as. I had to carry around spare tampons for the “just incase. It was like ‘bam gotcha’ with an instant clotting downpour. This went for a 2 years so I had it removed.
🎯3rd implant: I hardly had them at all and this was a pleasant surprise! My body would go months without anything then if I did get my periods they were super light. Thank god!! After a year I had this removed as I wanted to fall pregnant with my 2nd bub.

Ok: after I had this taken out it was like my body went into pay back mode. Flooding, heavy as periods just made me feel like crap. I was also living on pain killers as any other woman who bleeds kills the I asked my doctor about why it was so bad and apparently my body was on ‘cleanse mode’..lasted 5 months then I fell pregnant!! After I had my 2nd bub I decided to get the implant back in my arm, not that I was up or interested in sex but I wanted to control my periods..
🎯4th implant: I got it put in and so far its back to random lengthy periods. I have just had my periods for 4 months… yes ladies it’s not a typo.. 4 months! Needless to say its got to come out.

You’re probably thinking why keep going back to getting the implant?
👍Its easy to forget
👍Dont have to take the pill which has to be taken the same time everyday. The pill also makes me sick, cancer medications im on for life don’t coincide peacefully with it… neither does anything else. It’s either have this or nothing.. so I’m having it removed to give my body a break.

Any women brave enough to share their experiences??



Today I’m grateful for :
🐞 Finally after struggling trying to get my blog theme and appearances just right. . I’m happy to say I am.
🐢 For my mum who watches over my bub whilst I pick up my son from school. Today little miss decided to throw a wobbly when I left.
🐳 My dad actually being grateful for me doing his tax better than the tax accountant.
🐝 Laughing with my kids.

🐛 My son being so proud of himself as he told me what a great day he had at school.

Light when its raining


Today I’m grateful for :
💗 My mum who watched my minions whilst I was able to get my nails done (my one and only indulgence/treat).
💖Sharing the feeling of hot blankets i just pulled out of the dryer with my kids.
💕 Having my toddler tell me ‘poo’ or ‘wee’ whilst running to the toilet or potty. Celebrating with a dance and a stamp!
💜My son who helps without having to be asked.
💓God bless my mum who has my kids addicted to watching “the bold and the beautiful”..seriously the theme music plays and everyone drops and runs to sit with nana.


Today I’m grateful for :

💗 The magical time of 2pm-2:45pm. This is when i am able to read my favourite novels whilst waiting to collect my son from school.
💟When my son opens the car door ready to leave school he has the biggest smile on his face. I love our conversations haha and nothing is off limits.
💜Being able to make little curtains for my daughters wooden kitchen. She thinks they’re amazing.
💛My daughters smile. When she wakes up from her sleeps, she looks at me and has the biggest smile. Its beautiful.
💙Watching my mum,son and daughter dancing and singing/watching “time of my life” video clip on youtube countless times..smiling and laughing!!

Catching up


I dont know about you but im hitting my wall of tiredness today. Im usually a person whom is blessed enough able to survive on little to no sleep… but their comes a time every few days where my body is screaming at me to slow down and chill. Im not a person able to sit still for long,I’ve constantly got to hop up and do things and I’m not built/programmed to just “veg out”. Telling me to just relax is like telling a bird not to fly. I just cant. My mind is always racing with things and cause im so independent I’ve just made myself this way. So where am i going with this? Today is a crash and burn day for me… its kinda like my brain and body just goin shut down mode= zumby= mum is like a zombie. . T i r e d ..