Lets Get Real

I’ve decided it’s time to get real. Its time for mums to open up all can of worms and express ourselves. Ever wanted to ask another mum with real life experience a burning question that you might not feel comfortable asking due to the fear of being looked at sideways like you’ve grown a second head? Well don’t stres
s anymore… ask away… no judgments will be placed here. This is a judgment free zone. I’m going to be putting up all sorts of information regarding parenting and being a mum. So what’s the difference? I have a lot of friends who have just had bubs or have little ones and being quite honest I’m frustrated at the lack of emotional care or support for us! Yes you get the full support while your pregnant then after you’ve given birth but most feel like its just cut off a few weeks after birth. Pretty much a pat on the back “well done” and you’re sent on your way. Lots of ladies have questions or situations that arise and with the lack of support i thought it was time we started opening up without the feeling of being judged. Why not? If I can help just one person then i will be forever grateful as i sure as hell know that if i’d been given a heads up on a few topics/situations then i wouldn’t have felt lost


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