Breastfeeding vs bottle feeding. . Seriously?

wpid-fb_img_1436911350254.jpgLets take another spin on the “breastfeeding vs bottle feeding” debate. To me it’s a topic of discussion which has turned into a big ego battle. These days you have the hospital’s, medical professionals etc etc ramming this theory/thought that if you can’t breastfeed your baby your pretty much worthless, shitty mum, (insert anything here that makes you feel like a crap parent who can’t provide for your baby). When did they feel that it was ok to bully women like this?

Seriously it needs to stop. If you’re able to breastfeed a honest heartfelt congratulations. If you’re unable to then you should still feel proud that you’re still providing essential food your baby.

I know when i went through the hospital for the maternity clinic i felt every time i went, the medical staff were ramming how vitally important breastfeeding was and how nothing less would be ok for the baby. Let me tell you something. I was bottle fed,so was my son, so were my siblings and working in childcare for over 15 years i bottle fed a lot of babies…not one grew a second head from it and all were healthy. I’ve also recently had a daughter of which i did formula and expressed breast milk.
I dont understand the whole thought concept of who says what or who has the right to make any woman feel guilty about what method of feeding is right. At the end of the day it’s the mother’s choice to feed her child in which she best possibly can without feeling any remorse or guilt on her decision. I would love to hear all women comment on their experiences with what they went through,how they felt and what they chose was best for their baby. Come on ladies lets do this.


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