Ok. I’m going to be honest and put this out in the open: I want to have my last baby. I want to fall pregnant and have my last child. Call it intuition but I’ve had this mad feeling that I want and need to have my last child. How? Well considering im happily single with 100% custody of both kids: I need my implanon out and I asked my g.p if I could go to a donor clinic. His simple answer is yes. He was and always been up most helpful with anything medical that I have and this time I couldn’t be anymore grateful if I tried. He is one in a million. So what next? Well im not that type of person who has one night stands/casual sex etc sorry its just not me. I asked a lot of local fertility clinics and they don’t just implant donor sperm. I went back to my g.p and told him the news and he said “lucky for you I’ve got quite a few lesbian couples as patients. I asked them how they go about getting pregnant via donor sperm..” he handed me a list of information with a handwritten note saying good luck.. so here I’m on the hunt for high quality donor sperm… oh how times have changed!!wpid-download.jpg


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