Old school MANNERS

This Personally irritates me. I have noticed that so many people have no manners or even grasp the concept of using manners. Their is nothing worse than hearing kids say “I want etc etc”, society on a whole has just become so rude. I personally have been raised with the old school manners rule. I’m also raising my children that way. Its lovely to hear so much positive feed back on how wonderfully mannered they are then followed by “I wish some children were like that” This isn’t a rant on how children are spoilt brats etc this also includes all ages.

What are old school manners you say??
👍Looking people in the eye when talkin to them
👍Always say please and thank you..ever heard this “whats the magic word?”
👍Talk to people, engage in conversation not being so distracted by your mobile etc
👍Introduce yourself
👍Respect your elders
👍Dont interrupt conversation.. wait for a pause and say excuse me..
👍Dont stare its rude
The list goes on. Basically its all the SMALL STUFF that is forgotten.

For adults I’ve noticed hardly anyone uses their manners. Seriously and the worst offenders I get most irritated by are people driving and people who cross the crossings these days dont even put their hand up to signal thanks. You know if people we actually aware that if they just used the “thanks signal” by waving or putting up their hand to indicate thank you, I would bet this would be a major contributor to down grading road rage. Think about it: have you ever let someone indicate and enter your lane when its peak traffic and you became pissed off at their rudeness. .. how much of a difference would you feel if they signaled thanks? Thank simple action acknowledges you and their gratefulness of letting them in.
I would seriusly value if anyone took the time to comment and acknowledge they read this.


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