imageMy implanon implant is out!! I feel so much better despite the fact my bicep has stitches and every time I move it I feel like a hot poker is being stabbed through it.. But I feel so much HAPPIER. Your probably thinking why.. I feel more in control of my body now that the implant is out. I seriously didn’t think that my body would react so harshly to having it in.. come on seriously who really enjoys having non stop periods for over 5 months? NOT ME! I can’t await for my cycles to get back on track..I cant wait to start the next phase/step in my journey in life..

imageMy Next Steps Are:
💗  tracking my ovulation cycles.
💙 finding high quality sperm from an anon donor using artificial insemination only.
💚 falling pregnant (fingers and everything else crossed) so that I fall pregnant quickly.
💜 have my last baby.

So we shall see how the journey goes..


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