Seriously their is nothing more peaceful than getting dirty in the garden. Its like your connecting and chanelling the earths energies. I’ve always had an obsession with gardening and I believe their is no better form of relaxing/destressing than getting in an digging. I have always had my kids get in to ‘helping me’ in the garden from a very young kids have their own gardening tools and often help mummy dig. What I find amazingly funny is people who freak at the sight of their kids getting dirty or even taste testing the soil/dirt. Seriously It’s not going to kill them and if you start the freaking out about mess when their little be prepared for a child with ocd or germ issues later on. Growing up for me i had some of the best times with my family in the garden. We even loved (and had allocated a huge area in our garden for this) making a huge mud pit, getting absolutely filthy and having a blast. So why not let your kids experience the joy and have the same fun you did?.


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