Having a bit of an inner meltdown at the moment. You know the ones where inside you wanna scream or swear like a trooper.. but on the outside you look fine? Thats me. Dont get me wrong i love my mum but all my life she has been a woman of unpredictable moods. She lives in the past, always plays the victim and feeds of it. Me: I’m the rainbow in the downpour: i hate sympathy it litterally makes me mad. I never play the victim as i have held this theory: play the victim and your life stops or cowboy up and laugh about it. Rodeo baby! This afternoon my mum had a mood change and randomly made a nasty comment about my choice to remove my implant. Tried to pass itt off as a joke after i bit back at what she said. Me= i dont take crap. So she got that message loud and clear when i stated im not interested in her game. My whole life with my mother is a head game. I thought f you seriously and just wont talk to her at the moment. Such a nasty person when she has a mood then plays the part of ‘whats wrong with you? What are you pissed at? Etc.’ If i was able to purchase my own house i wouldn’t have to put up with this crap. When shes good its great but when a mood hits you can cut the air with a knife. Anyone have any situations like this or advice?


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