So the kids and nana are eating afternoon tea when my daughter walks up to me with open arms indicating she wants a cuddle. I’m laying on the floor so I sit up and in that very second she let rip this massive power spew that went everywhere and all over ME! Yes in my hair, some on my face, all over my cloths. To be honest I’ve got an iron stomach so I’m not bothered but my son runs out of the room gagging whilst nana is on the couch next to me freaking out yelling at my son to get the wipes. I instantly say in a calm voice ‘mum just shut up theirs no need to freak out and let him go or he’ll spew on you.” Inside I’m laughing cause shes started gagging whilst baby girl is emptying the contents of her stomach all over me. I casually pick her up and head straight to the bath room. My daughter didnt cry. I casually said “do you feel better now baby girl?” She replies “mum” whilst nodding yes.  Needless to say a huge bubble bath was had and all smiles as shes feeling much better!


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