I donated blood today. I’ve always wanted to do it but now this is my second time as I’ve signed up to keep doing it every 3 months. Today my son came with me as he wanted to see the whol
e process of how much blood they take etc. So needless to say he was excited. I didnt have the lady that I wanted to do it, and oh my god the woman that did it felt like she rammed the needle through the other side of my arm. I have a massive pain tollerance but holy cow (insert any colourful words in here) the woman saw how much pain i was in as she kept digging.. she said “sorry love I accidently rolled your vein with the needle”… nice work lovie now my arm is killing me and I have to smile as my son is eyeballing me..

Anyway she got it, I bled really quickly filling the special bag

and to be honest if I didnt have my son with me, I would have sworn.. he thought it was great as he was given some snacks and proceeded to ask “when can I give blood mum”. I asked my favourite lady and she stopped what she was doing to answer all his questions. I was so greatful for her and proud of my son. She informed him kids cant donate blood until 16 as they need their blood to keep themselves healthy and they dont produce enough to share until their older. I seriously would highly reccomend anyone to give/donate blood.. my reason to donate is: what if you needed blood? What if one of your family needed it? If my children needed blood I would do it in a heart beat… seriously it only takes one ‘prick’ and about 20 minutes maximum with about 5 minutes of paper work + 5-10 minutes of sitting in a blush chair donating then 5 minutes while you eat something or drink..


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