Today I’m grateful for :
🌞 Being able to have 5 minutes sitting and soaking up the warm sun like a lizard. I’m going to make a area like this in the backyard so everyone can join in.
🐦 For the little pony returning from holiday. I walk pass everyday almost and the shetland pony has been on holidays. I’m happy its back as its such a friendly little fella and I always stop to chat and pat.
🐓 Being able to almost have my daughter fully toilet trained (shes only just 16 months). I’ve not pushed her, shes been miss independent and started herself at 6 months.
🐃 Laughing when my daugter does a wee/poo in the toilet and our routine is a stamp followed by hi 5’s. . Well now mummy gets stamped all over and a hi 5 as well!!
🐴My son having the idea to do his own homework without asking. Please continue this…


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