Tomorrow is going to be an interesting one. Why? Well I currently have a chest infection, very little sleep (average 2 hrs). I had 2 days break from 6 months full on periods but today their back with a vengeance. Ugh! Seriously I don’t know if any woman would be like ‘oh yay I love it!”. Not this little black duck. I’m getting frustrated cause I’m trying to track my ovulation cycles and already going cross-eyed from reading the pee test strips. I swear who ever invented them must be laughing at us as after a while you think “oh I can definitely see a faint line“..geat real (insert laughter here ).

On that note just a random question how many home pregnancy tests did you have to do before you could see the 2 magical lines 100%??

untitled * For my son who is 10: I knew something was different with my body. Intuition.. I ended up doing 11 home pregnancy tests then on lucky number 12 I had a definite = positive.!
* For the pregnancy I miscarried at 14 weeks: I felt flu-like and only did one pregnancy test (at work on my lunch break) and bam it was a straight up = positive. I freaked out massively and went to my 2 trusted best mates (also at work) and cried whilst showing them a massively shaking hand saying “what am I going to do!!” I ended up bleeding out and lost this little soul. I still think about it randomly at times and about the ‘dad’.. he’s still in my thoughts and if things were right at the time he is the man who I would have married .. the one.. I was all ready for the long haul but he wasn’t: he admitted he was scared but loved me and my son 100%..he wanted to commit to his work as it was a massively high paying job and if he did then he would be set for life.. I don’t know why but It just wasn’t our time..but I’m ok with that whole situation I’m just giving a bit of background information on it.

*For my daughter: I had been feeling ‘yuck’ and trying hard to conceive. I became frustrated with the whole process and wanted to fall pregnant like ‘right now’..anyone know that feeling?? Well as I was saying, I went to make my son his breakfast: Wheatbix with Banana chopped up and a sprinkle of sugar and milk.. I cracked open the banana and seriously im not kidding I nearly threw up in his bowl cause of the smell of the banana. After dropping him off at school I spent the whole day Peeing on home pregnancy tests… I did 10 again and on the 11th one (in the afternoon) It came up faint positive..the I did another one about 1 hour later and lucky #12 was 100% Positive!! Haha I even took photos of all the tests I did that showed up pregnant and I have even put those photos in my daughters scrapbooking journal.

Has anyone else had this experience or are brave enough to share?


4 thoughts on “Cross-Eyed?!

  1. Between my first and second pregnancies I think I bought up the pharmacy on pregnancy tests. I had at least 14 “wishful thinking” pregnancies in 2 years. But I did take 2 to confirm the second pregnancy(son) just in case I got it wrong 🙂
    The ovulation tests weren’t around in the 1990’s, I used this method
    I couldn’t tell with my third pregnancy (daughter) as my son was only 5 months old so it was a complete surprise to discover I was 9 weeks pregnant, and with the fourth I had sore boobs and was tired.i knew straight away.
    Baby 1 and 4 were miscarries, they too were “not the right” time babies x


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