Today I’m grateful for :
💖 Toilet training. These moments are priceless! Seriously!! My daughter did a poo on the toilet and proceeded to clap and give mummy hi 5’s. thing plop goes the dummy landing in the toilet sitting proudly on her poo. Needless to say little miss was not impressed when I flushed it. We have millions of dummies for this exact reason!.
🚵 My son who taught his sister to ride her very first little 3 wheeler. cute!! Then proceeded to tell me we need to put stickers on it for her. Then he has been pushing her around all night!
🍇My dad. When he has a medical situation he always comes to me. Tonight I had to cut a whole finger nail off because he got it caught and squashed it at work: seriously a river of blood came out and the relief on his face was priceless. Yes I get my high pain tollerence from my dad.
🍦My daughter who is only 16 months using her manners then claps herself for a job well done.
👜 Went shopping with my kids and the routine is to get a coffee for me and a hot chocolate for my son. I couldn’t have been more proud when my son asked and placed our order then asked if his litte sister could have a warm milk (called a baby chino) .. he then gave it to her and she said ta with the biggest smile!


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