Let me start by saying.. my son is in grade 5 and to help him with his homework I often have to go and google what the teacher has sent home…

Any other mum’s out their who have this issue?? I have a moment when I’m looking at his homework and thinking “oh my god what the hell is this?! What does this mean? What does the teacher want?” Then thank the angels for GOOGLE. After a quick search and speed reading, it brings back all the things I did learn in school but yet have had no use for it in the real world. Topic for today is: polygons people lets talk polygon shapes..
There are the basic shapes we know but then it gets really complicated like:

  • Quadrilaterals: The word itself broken down is “quad” meaning four and “lateral” meaning side. The shape also has to be a 2D shape to qualify.
  • Rhombus: The rhombus is better known to most kids as the diamond. Get the kids to colour the rhombus and find the triangles amongst it. With four sides and four 90 degree angles, the rhombus sides are all perpendicular.
  • Heptagon: The heptagon is recognised by its seven sides and seven angles. The heptagon must remain a 2D shape and all sides must be closed for it to qualify as a heptagon.
  • Pentagons: are easily recognised by their five sides and five angles. A pentagon also has tree triangles inside if you join all the diagonals.
  • Nonagons: For a shape to qualify as a nonagon, it must have nine sides and nine angles. All of these need to be closed lines and it also must be a 2D shape. There are regular and irregular nonagons.
  • Decagons: The decagon is recognised by its 10 sides and 10 angles. There are 35 diagonals in a 2D polygon.

So as you can see from the examples above, why I went frog eyed in shock thinking “what the hell” and “where have I used these in real life?” I’m not sure about you but I find it easier to relate things to whatever I need to remember. Such as: rhombus= diamond, hexagon = house etc. I have found that my son retains the information better and recalls it easier when we relate to everyday items.

Trying to figure out why my son has started this “I’m not smart enough thought” (as previously blogged about here unnamed (3)) and asked him what happens in class when he doesn’t understand what the teacher is talking about. He has said he asks for help but the teacher doesn’t really tell us anything to remember them by. Bingo mummy has found the solution. So I will let the teacher know that my son finds it easier to associate things to help him learn.. will keep you posted about the progress. Wish me luck


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