Seriously I had a brain explosion with doing the urine ovulation test strips this morning. For me they are so irritating because you have to see a definate 2 pink lines exactly the same colour or the test line has to be dark and the control line can be faded.!? Enter brain explosion here… so I thought to hell with it and did 4 strips from the same sample… results ALL DIFFERENT. What the hell?? I then googled the ‘positive ovulation test’ on google and I’m still scratching my head in confusion.. look at what I found and tell me your not confused. .


So in this picture (from google) above My results from the 4 sticks I did looked like; sticks 1,2,3 (following picture from top to bottom)


(Thanks google) Yes I got this result


(Thanks Google) I also got the results reading from top to bottom: sticks: 1,2,3.
Seriously what the hell. I’mnot hard out trying yet but I just want to track my ovulation cycles so when I’m ready I’m able to whilst being 100% informed its the right time. Mind mess!! Anyone have any situations or input here??


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