Today I’m grateful for :
😈My mum actually helping out with the household chores I do all the time. Realising that its not ok to just expect me to do everything whilst looking after my 2 kids plus her and dad.
💝 My son who ran to the car today when school finished. He was so pumped telling me that he had an amazing day without problems. I am so very PROUD.
🐦 Reading my new book, whilst almost finished the other one.
✳Getting my definate date for my carpul tunnel syndrome of which I have intensely in both hands. First one to be done is the left hand. Oh my god I cant wait!!
💥Being recognised for all the hard work I do all the time. I’m not kidding: I run and maintain a household of 4 adults and my 2 children. So everyone freaked when I finally recieved my surgery date as it means that I’m completely unable to use my left hand and arm for 3 weeks. I am honestly grateful for mum and dad realising they take everything I do for granted.


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