Ok so the urine test strips for ovulation we’re sending my brain many variants on what the results are. So I ended up buying the clear blue digital ovulation test. Lets just say in a rush their not easy to do. First 2 tests I did made me want to throw a tamtrum.. I was swearing at the tests as they didnt read properly. So when I had a chance I read and reread the instructions again making sure I followed the instructions to a t. I did one this morning and finally!!! Take a look:



My results we’re a flashing smiling face so apparently I’m highly fertile. Go me!

So why am I tracking my ovulation?? 2 reasons:
1= I have had the most worst time with my implanon implants and most ended up with non stop periods for months as a time. I need to ensure that my body has returned to a normal cycle.
2= I want to have my last child within a year or so. I’m not with anyone in a relationship; I will be using donor sperm via artificial insemination only.

Pregnant and single is my choice. I dont need to be in a relationship as I’m happy just being with my kids of which I have fulltime custody. So I’m excited.


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