So I’m testing/tracking my ovulation cycles as I’ve had my implanon implants run a muck with my body and thus had it removed. So far I started using the pee ovulation sticks and I quickly gave up on them as they are so bloody hard to read! I then have been using the digital ovulation tests and success I’m not going cross eyed nor insane from stressing out on the different varieties of seeing 2 different shaded lines!

I’m curious as I’ve now tested positive for ovulation fertility for the pass 7 days.. shall be interesting to see what occurs tomorrow . I’m not charting madly I just want to see my body is getting back to normal and when I’m ready I’ll be able to fall pregnant using donor sperm with artifical insemination when the timing is right. MADNESS? Probably but I really want to have one last child. Yes I’m a single mummy of2 beautiful children and yes I’ve been doing it without being a relationship or having a partner but I’m proud. I’m not waiting for or wanting a man in my life, I’m just content with my kids. Haha on that note: it would be nice to eventually have that special person in my life but I’m not holding my breath….


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