Today I’m grateful for :
💟 My son who keeps having amazing days at school. It might not seem much but he’s developed his self confidence to know that he is smart and he can achieve anything if he only believes in himself first.
💜 Even though my kids and I are all  unwell at the moment I appreciatethe doctors coming out after hours to check us over and prescribe medicines when required.
💝 Being able to have a 30 minute nap today while my daughter was snoozing was bliss. I felt worse after but I needed it desperatly= sick mummy + minimal sleep = major crash and burn.
💚 My parents who love and cherish my children unconditionally and spend equal quality time with both kids.
💛 My son who asked me to help him research NASA for school. It was fun and I learnt alot of stuff I didnt know.


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