Today I’m grateful for :
🐙Being able to move pots from my front yard to my back yard. Within doing so, 20 minutes in I stood on a rusty as nail and speared my foot. Had blood everywhere and had to cut a bigger hole in the sole of my foot to get the head of the nail out  Thank god little miss was asleep so mum could help.
🌴 This arvo being able to plant my succulents with my kids.
🌹 Being able to handle a really shitty situation and stop it before it got out of hand.
🌻 Our fury baby.
🍃Putting people in their place when they’ve totally done the wrong thing an try to blame it on others. Oh how I have little patience for people like that. So the grateful part is being strong and standing up for others when they dont feel they have the courage to in that moment.
🌸 My son having a super day.


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