Today I had major carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand and forearm. I haven’t had any sleep since saturday night… and today its smashed is monday. I have a huge pain tollerance and its now starting to feel like my hand has been chopped off.

So Today I’m grateful for :
🐞 The anesthesia. .. 1hr 30mins of deadness thanks to the drugs. Love it.
💜 My mum & dad for looking after the kids.
💛 My dad who adimatly hates hospitals but dropped me off before dawn and picked me up from hospital this arvo.
💙 My welcome home kisses and cuddles from my kids.
💖 Haha being pounced on by our fury baby.. i told her to sit, sat beside her and let her smell the huge and very heavy plaster and said its ok. She layed on me and huffed. Cute


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