Jello bath?

Jello bath Today I’m grateful for :
🎊 My kids.. seriously I’m so proud to be their mum and it amazes me how quickly they grow up.
πŸŽ‰ watching my kids in the jelly bath (we purchased 2 from target today).. little miss was ok then hated it whilst my son llooovvveeeddd it pretending he was venom from spiderman. They do need to shower it iff after the bath is done and the bath needs to be scrubbed but it was priceless.
πŸŽ€ My daughter and son playing on an old school metal scooter thats been restored and passed down 3 generations of our family.
🎑 crazy weather.. hot one minute, down pour the next with rain and hail.
πŸ‘—keeping up this grateful challenge. .. seriously its hard on the days where i feel like crap and its a good kick in the bum to reflect hey “it wasn’t that bad “


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