Internet down

Because of the sevear thunderstoms the internet died last night thus unable to post.

Thursday 1st October i was grateful for;
💟 Being able to do more gardening with my kids and our fury baby.
💚 My 3 headed rose..will take a photo.
💛 My kids having made their own race track and racing each other on their bikes/scooters.
💜 Our feathered babies (birds) who love to snuggle into the kids and whistle as if talking up a huge conversation.
💖 Hearing my kids giggling is priceless.

Today I’m grateful for :
🐢 24hr doctors that came and visited my sick daughter. Cutting 4 teeth and middle ear infections. Glad for the Medicines prescribed.
🐃 Seeing that my kids have inherited their looks and traits from me…yes ive been looking through my baby photos.
🐤 Finally being able to drive my car. Its a manual and its hurts to change the gears with my left hand but I’m determind..on the road again..
🐄 Playing with my home nade playdough i did for my kids… they weren’t really interested but laughed at me (instigated by nana) because i was mad at it creating away.
🐍 My financial winnings on my scratchet. Not massive amounts of money but I am grateful.


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