Ggrrrhhh aaarrrggghhh..

Ok so I have basically only had 2 hrs sleep in now 3 days which is really starting to take its toll. .i literally feel like the walking dead. Why no sleep? My body is aching, i have my son recovering from surgery, my daughter is madly cutting 4 teeth so she has disturbed sleep and throw in that my brain wont shut up… so not loving it..

Besides that zombiefied mummy situation today I’m grateful for :
🐞 Being able to read some more of my book. .
🐝 Getting out fury baby occupied by hiding her treats and getting her to find them.
🐳 Rain. Saves me having to water all my plants etc.
🐊 Making a pillow and blanket picnic with the kids.
🐙 My parents who spend equal time with both kids.


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