Grateful post for the last 5 days

8th Oct: Thursday:
🌸 Upon returning home my daughter ran upto her brother with monster cuddles and kisses then did the same with me. Very cute.
🌼 Cuddles from mum and dad to both my son and myself.
🌻 Our fury baby missed us so much as she whimpered until we let her inside then she never left my son.
🌺 Being able to survive on only 1hr sleep in over 48hrs..powered by coffee.ZOMBIE!!
🌷Literally their is no place like home.
7th Oct Wednesday:
💗 The hospital staff who did a great job on all levels with my sons surgery.
💟 My son who showed alot of strength.
💙 My mum and dad whom had a gr e at time looking after my daughter whilst I had to spend the whole 24hrs in hospital beside my son.
💜 The nursing staff who have me an access pass (staff only) so i could walk the floors at all hours during the night.
💖 My mum for calling and texting us whilst at the hospital and letting my daughter talk away chatting to us.
6th Oct Tuesday:
🐦 Playing in the yard with the kids and fury baby.
🐶 Laughing so hard I almost cried.
🐑 My kids random cuddles and kisses.
🐍 Playing with playdough.
🐷 Drawing with the kids.
5th Oct Monday:
🐢 Bathing the fury baby…apparently mummy has to get saturated as well.
🐋 Laughing as my daughter tries to help washing the dog.
🐖 My son who decided to have a water fight.
🐜 Hot bubble bath after a COLD water play.
🐞 My daughter has developed the hand language of the italians..priceless
4th Oct Sunday:
💞 Lego convention.
💜 Playing in the soft grass with family.
💛 My flowers are flourishing.
💚 Watching my kids enjoying digging in the garden.
💗 The warm sun.


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