Do it yourself

I’m going to say I’m grateful for being my own knowledgeable maintance/repair person. I have been brought up with learning how to do as much as possible in all areas including: cars, house, appliances etc. So it also helps being able to do most of the stuff myself without having to call in costly tradies who (not all are bad) would cost alot to do a job you can do yourself. This is a must do for all ladies to remember…

Having a fridge not cooling properly or the freezer isnt doing its job?? Have you ever cleaned the motor or vent in the back of the fridge?? What?? I’ll show you..


Right here at the back of the fridge you should see this once you unscrew the pannel…

Wondered why you need to??? Take a look…


This is a low grade of dust build up… its a major fire hazard also a major reason if you have had a spike in electricity bills…

Its easy to clean/dust..
Rubber gloves
Fine paint brush
Duster or vacum with a small head attachment..
Remember turn off the power before you start doing anything..

Get in and remove as much as you can possibly see..


Once you can no longer see the dust. Screw the cover back on.. turn the power back on and it will run perfectly.

These pictures are from google, not my own fridge but by putting this up i hope to help at least one person or empower them to give it a try.. it wont hurt..

Note: i do this every 4 months roughly and noticed a reduction in the electrical power bill. I also had a kick in the bum from mum to share my knowledge on a simple d.i.y task 💞


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