Oh my god i found the perfect quote to explain how come i get very little sleep


3 thoughts on “Zombie

  1. Pretty much. Or its like I have 1000 open browser tabs in my brain.
    Have you tried mediation? I youtube trauma and mediation and it pulls up some awesome ones to sleep with. I used to do guided mediation but now everything they guide me too, seem to be horrible. So I just do the music ones now. At least for now.


    • Oh ive tried almost everything. Binaural beats, guided meditations, music, medications prescribed and hollistic..etc but its like when the body is teady for sleep the subconscious laughs and lets all that you’ve been blocking flow.

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      • I Know how frustrating that must be. I try to write or draw before bed. Help get some of that out, I also take melatonin as needed to sleep. I try to just lay there and focus on the music. My thoughts will wonder but then I also try praying to God. I hope
        You find what works for you.


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