Bite my tongue

I held off putting up my grateful challenge yesterday. I had a great day with the kids whilst mum was out and when she arrived home everything turned to mud..or lets say she had a mental blow out.. long story short she has so much emotional and mental baggage she carries and holds on to from her childhood that she has a ‘poison relationship’ with her father. She’s only been recently talking and spending time with him since september this year after quite a few years brake from putting up with his crap..she’s like a child desperatly seeking to please him wven when he treats her like shit. See he wont talk to me or my kids and hasnt for a few years..I’ve done nothing wrong in anyway he’s just an asshole like that. I dont care tho and let it roll of my back like a duck in water.. seriously tho everyone and everything was fine until she come home and its a verbal blow out and i had enough. I dont normally go off at anyone unless they’ve bypassed my tollerance limit and in the process treated me like shit… so in the end after i went ape shit at her putting her in her place..i ignored her and ao did my kids and dad as we have the theory: why keep biting when she keeps throwing out the fishing line for arguments? Like they say silence is a killer and it stops her shit pretty quick and she ends up sulking. So i didnt post a blog last night cause i wasn’t in a “peaceful mind set”. So…
Friday 23rd October I’m grateful for :
🐦 Seeing that my roses are ready to bloom.
🐓 Finding monster tomatoes growing in our vegie garden.
🐷 Finishing another book in my anita blake series! I’m now on to the last 2 books..
🐍My son trying to cook in the microwave.. even tho burnt the microwave & I’m purchasing a new one tomorrow, I’m proud that he had a go. He cooks really well in the fry pan and oven but obviously we need help with the microwave.
🐄 The aircon in such muggy weather.

Thursday 22nd October: i was grateful for :
🐥Reading with my kids.
🐧Random storms that completely saturated the grass and plants.
🐛Standing up for myself.
🐞Chilling out with our fury baby.
🐙My kids being so gentle with our feathered babies. Its way to cute.
🐊 Our furry baby learning our budgies are friends not food.


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