Hi and welcome back finally!! I’ve been quite busy as of late I’ve also been with a lot of things but I hope that you’re having a happy new year so far and that everything is going the way you wish for 2016

So far 2016 has been full on:
My son has turned 11 in febuary and trust me puberty has hit hard!!. Having a hard time dealing with him asking me about who his father is.. I have life long sole custody of my son and a life long domestic violence order to protect us from the biological Feral, within this I’m finding it hard to come up with the answers that my son needs. I double checked and triple checked my court orders and even called my solicitor regrding this matter and it states clearly that I as the sole parent am not  allowed to disclose any information on eho what when where ehy etc also why I have sole custody including the domestic violence order. So what do I say. My son wants to know who is Dad is and he said he just wants to know with a shrugging shoulders and attitude look on his face.. All i say to him is:  mate a dad/parent is someone who is with you all the time, they love you, someone who looks after you on all levels, someone who plays with you etc and someone who helps you mature and grow up and does everything that i do for you and your sister. His responce,  Mum I know you are my mum my dad and you always have been but I just want to know… so I have no freaking idea what else to say??!!

I have just finished packing and moving my 2 kids, mum, dad, our fury baby and our feathered babies into our new house…yes you read right….i did it 80% all by myself..included all heavy lifting etc etc and countless nights where i average 30 minutes sleep im shattered.. still unpacking now but yes I’d like to explode a verbal attack on my dad whos just been a complete ass the whole time and of thus i have damaged myself and im all multi coloured bruised everywhere; even my pelvic bone… smashed the back of the ute drop tray right down on pelvis whilst moving and oh my god i thought i might have needed the hospital… now how to you explain a cracked vagina????

Besides that my daughter turns 2 this month… stop growing up right now…seriously please. She loves the new house, no stop talking including babbling when shes tired and very much a mini me: muss independent.

Sigh: well thats just a quick hi and hopefully optus fix our reception so i have the internet and can go back to posting on here… i miss the sharing, reading, venting etc of it..

Ps.. im also having my sevear carpul tunnel surgery on my right hand in less than 2 weeks so it shall be interesting to see how it all goes…

Please drop by and say hi!!

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