Grateful Challenge:

I have been given a gratitude challenge from another blogger 😇 so lets do this and see how long i can keep it running.

I am grateful for: (in no particular order)
💜 My beautiful bordercollie who give and receives unconditional love and attention. She
💛 My mum who helps out a lot and is my angel in disguise. She has such a beautiful cheeky loving bond with both of my children…if its quite then they’re up to mischief.!
💚My wonderful children. I feel so blessed that you are growing up and I love watching you both explore, grow and develop in your own little ways.
💙 The warm sun. In such an icy cold day you recharge my mind, body, spirit and soul.
❤ For coffee! You help me everyday keep going even when I’ve had very little sleep.

Challenge: I ask my fellow bloggers to take part in this grateful challenge and blog 5 points each day. If you do please tag me and we can all share our journey together.


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