A week of being grateful..


3rd Nov 2015: Tuesday I’m Grateful For:
🐉Having my post op left hand surgery appointment at the hospital. My surgeon was so impressed with how placid my daughter was and also very patient whilst waiting for me to be seen.
👹Having my right hand carpal tunnel surgery booked for early next year is a blessing as I can have enough time for my left hand to heal first.
🍹Air conditioning: omg it is humid as and the temp is in the high 30C today. Blessed for air con as it keeps us all cool including the fury baby as I think it’s cruel to keep her outside panting whilst we are cool inside.
🐝Having time to put up my blog posts.
🍇Seeing our garden and veggies flourish!
2nd Nov 2015: Monday I’m Grateful For:
☕Coffee- no sleep mummy..
🌲Tinkering in my garden= peaceful and relaxing
☁Tonight there is an amazingly cool breeze gusting through the house= nice and chilly
🌸Being able to read more of my book: “dead ice”
🌻Receiving my financial winnings from my scratchy= not massive but every bit is welcomed!
1st Nov 2015: Sunday I’m Grateful For:
🌷My mum and son actually helping to pull down all the Halloween decorations. Yes I had a spat but it needed to occur as over this past week I’ve managed only 1hr sleep each day and I think that I finally cracked.
🌼Playing and relaxing in our garden with the kids and fury baby.
🌈Massive water play with the kids and fury baby- nice way to cool down
31st Oct 2015: Saturday—HALLOWEEN I’m Grateful For:
🐲Finally the Halloween horror house that has now taken me a solid week to set up is on show. Everyone that came and trick or treated at our house absolutely loved it and said ‘omg this must have taken ages but it looks amazing!”. I feel immensely proud.
🐙The sheer enjoyment from my kids and we all loved dressing up as well.
🍭Taking my son and daughter trick or treating at a few houses.
🍰My son saying he had the best Halloween ever.
🎃My mum realizing how hardcore it was for me to set up the whole horror house and saying thank you (after I lost my shit and had a go at her)
30th Oct 2015: Friday I’m Grateful For:
🍦My financial winnings- not huge but I am grateful!
🌻Being surprised by random flowers etc we find growing so big in our gardens.
🔧My dad helping me fix my sons bike and pretending to fix my daughters 3 wheeler- yes even using our ‘real tools’ so she was included!
My parents spending equal quality one on one time with my kids.
👿Randomly being told that I’m a great mum.
29th Oct 2015: Thursday I’m Grateful For:
💝My 5 minutes to myself.
💆Being able to pee once by myself today was awesome- nothing like having our border collie and my daughter trying to play with my whilst I’m trying to wee.. Seriously..
🐢Starting to write a book for my kids
🐄Being able to get back into my drawing and sketching
🐧Making master pieces of Lego with my kids
28th Oct 2015: Wednesday I’m Grateful For:
🐥Drawing with the kids
💧Random rain showers cooled everything down(and we played in it making mud puddles)
🌞Teaching my fury baby ‘hi 5’
🌺My daughter randomly going up to nana, her brother and pop saying very clearly ‘hello!’
🎃working solidly on the Halloween horror house..nearly their..




Today I’m grateful for :
🎍Spending another day in the garden with the kids and our fury baby.
💐Seeing how our garden is attracting so many various butterflies is beautiful.
💎Drawing with the kids= creative little minds.
🔨Doing my d.i.y maintance tonight
💢Mending and attending to my dad who had an accident at work. Seriously he got a mouthful of his stupidity as it needed stitches and it needed to be reported due to his workmen being unsafe!!..



Today I’m grateful for :
🐞 My son being so interested in the whole process of me donating my blood and wanting to come see mummy do it.
💟 Playing with the kids and our dog on poppys bed, which happens to have the full warm sun in the morning.. Nana busted us by taking photos!
🌹My mum for removing my stitches finally. After a week later from having my implant removed from my bicep.
🌈 The beautiful rainbow after the storm.
💧The short rain storm we had made my garden flourish.



I donated blood today. I’ve always wanted to do it but now this is my second time as I’ve signed up to keep doing it every 3 months. Today my son came with me as he wanted to see the whol
e process of how much blood they take etc. So needless to say he was excited. I didnt have the lady that I wanted to do it, and oh my god the woman that did it felt like she rammed the needle through the other side of my arm. I have a massive pain tollerance but holy cow (insert any colourful words in here) the woman saw how much pain i was in as she kept digging.. she said “sorry love I accidently rolled your vein with the needle”… nice work lovie now my arm is killing me and I have to smile as my son is eyeballing me..

Anyway she got it, I bled really quickly filling the special bag

and to be honest if I didnt have my son with me, I would have sworn.. he thought it was great as he was given some snacks and proceeded to ask “when can I give blood mum”. I asked my favourite lady and she stopped what she was doing to answer all his questions. I was so greatful for her and proud of my son. She informed him kids cant donate blood until 16 as they need their blood to keep themselves healthy and they dont produce enough to share until their older. I seriously would highly reccomend anyone to give/donate blood.. my reason to donate is: what if you needed blood? What if one of your family needed it? If my children needed blood I would do it in a heart beat… seriously it only takes one ‘prick’ and about 20 minutes maximum with about 5 minutes of paper work + 5-10 minutes of sitting in a blush chair donating then 5 minutes while you eat something or drink..