Stop Growing up


Today Is  my son’s last say of Grade 5.. I cant believe where the time has gone. I still remember being pregnant and holding my little boy in my arms for the first time… i keep telling him he needs to stop growing up and he just laughs at me whilst reminding me that in 2016 he will be a senior of primary school (grade 6).. Nnooo xx


Long time between blogs


So I’ve not been able to get on and post anything for a while. Its been a tad crazy with both my kids being sick, I had a major crash and burn health wise and also my mum has been in these really crap high and low moods ie: happy one minute then being a total asshole the next. It’s really put pressure on the house emotionally and I have had to hold my tounge so many times I feel like a big verbal explosion of hateful truths will be spewed out of my mouth and she wont like it one bit of it. I honestly can’t understand the logical thought process of someone thinking it’s ok to be a total ass on all levels and then the next minute showering happy glittering fairy dust everywhere. When this happens oh my god she makes everyone around her feel like a monsterous blackhole as just engulfed everyone and everything surrounding her. It’s her pattern and I’ve had to deal with her feral mood patterns all my life. I wish she was honest with herself and told the doctors the truth on her mood rollercoaster but within saying that: how can she state the truth when she can’t see her destructive learned behaviour.  Honeslty if she did or the the doctor asked me about her behaviours then I would be blunt and honest as anyone could possibly be… I whole heartily grantee that she would be diagnosed with either; bipolar or manic depression and put on medications. It genuinely sucks to be around someone like this who won’t get help, who keep taking their feral moods out on everyone around them, in turn dragging everyone down with them. My only point of venting my complete frustration of her is here. Argh… I honestly feel like im pulling my hair out whilst banging my face against a brick wall…

A week of being grateful..


3rd Nov 2015: Tuesday I’m Grateful For:
🐉Having my post op left hand surgery appointment at the hospital. My surgeon was so impressed with how placid my daughter was and also very patient whilst waiting for me to be seen.
👹Having my right hand carpal tunnel surgery booked for early next year is a blessing as I can have enough time for my left hand to heal first.
🍹Air conditioning: omg it is humid as and the temp is in the high 30C today. Blessed for air con as it keeps us all cool including the fury baby as I think it’s cruel to keep her outside panting whilst we are cool inside.
🐝Having time to put up my blog posts.
🍇Seeing our garden and veggies flourish!
2nd Nov 2015: Monday I’m Grateful For:
☕Coffee- no sleep mummy..
🌲Tinkering in my garden= peaceful and relaxing
☁Tonight there is an amazingly cool breeze gusting through the house= nice and chilly
🌸Being able to read more of my book: “dead ice”
🌻Receiving my financial winnings from my scratchy= not massive but every bit is welcomed!
1st Nov 2015: Sunday I’m Grateful For:
🌷My mum and son actually helping to pull down all the Halloween decorations. Yes I had a spat but it needed to occur as over this past week I’ve managed only 1hr sleep each day and I think that I finally cracked.
🌼Playing and relaxing in our garden with the kids and fury baby.
🌈Massive water play with the kids and fury baby- nice way to cool down
31st Oct 2015: Saturday—HALLOWEEN I’m Grateful For:
🐲Finally the Halloween horror house that has now taken me a solid week to set up is on show. Everyone that came and trick or treated at our house absolutely loved it and said ‘omg this must have taken ages but it looks amazing!”. I feel immensely proud.
🐙The sheer enjoyment from my kids and we all loved dressing up as well.
🍭Taking my son and daughter trick or treating at a few houses.
🍰My son saying he had the best Halloween ever.
🎃My mum realizing how hardcore it was for me to set up the whole horror house and saying thank you (after I lost my shit and had a go at her)
30th Oct 2015: Friday I’m Grateful For:
🍦My financial winnings- not huge but I am grateful!
🌻Being surprised by random flowers etc we find growing so big in our gardens.
🔧My dad helping me fix my sons bike and pretending to fix my daughters 3 wheeler- yes even using our ‘real tools’ so she was included!
My parents spending equal quality one on one time with my kids.
👿Randomly being told that I’m a great mum.
29th Oct 2015: Thursday I’m Grateful For:
💝My 5 minutes to myself.
💆Being able to pee once by myself today was awesome- nothing like having our border collie and my daughter trying to play with my whilst I’m trying to wee.. Seriously..
🐢Starting to write a book for my kids
🐄Being able to get back into my drawing and sketching
🐧Making master pieces of Lego with my kids
28th Oct 2015: Wednesday I’m Grateful For:
🐥Drawing with the kids
💧Random rain showers cooled everything down(and we played in it making mud puddles)
🌞Teaching my fury baby ‘hi 5’
🌺My daughter randomly going up to nana, her brother and pop saying very clearly ‘hello!’
🎃working solidly on the Halloween horror house..nearly their..

Bite my tongue


I held off putting up my grateful challenge yesterday. I had a great day with the kids whilst mum was out and when she arrived home everything turned to mud..or lets say she had a mental blow out.. long story short she has so much emotional and mental baggage she carries and holds on to from her childhood that she has a ‘poison relationship’ with her father. She’s only been recently talking and spending time with him since september this year after quite a few years brake from putting up with his crap..she’s like a child desperatly seeking to please him wven when he treats her like shit. See he wont talk to me or my kids and hasnt for a few years..I’ve done nothing wrong in anyway he’s just an asshole like that. I dont care tho and let it roll of my back like a duck in water.. seriously tho everyone and everything was fine until she come home and its a verbal blow out and i had enough. I dont normally go off at anyone unless they’ve bypassed my tollerance limit and in the process treated me like shit… so in the end after i went ape shit at her putting her in her place..i ignored her and ao did my kids and dad as we have the theory: why keep biting when she keeps throwing out the fishing line for arguments? Like they say silence is a killer and it stops her shit pretty quick and she ends up sulking. So i didnt post a blog last night cause i wasn’t in a “peaceful mind set”. So…
Friday 23rd October I’m grateful for :
🐦 Seeing that my roses are ready to bloom.
🐓 Finding monster tomatoes growing in our vegie garden.
🐷 Finishing another book in my anita blake series! I’m now on to the last 2 books..
🐍My son trying to cook in the microwave.. even tho burnt the microwave & I’m purchasing a new one tomorrow, I’m proud that he had a go. He cooks really well in the fry pan and oven but obviously we need help with the microwave.
🐄 The aircon in such muggy weather.

Thursday 22nd October: i was grateful for :
🐥Reading with my kids.
🐧Random storms that completely saturated the grass and plants.
🐛Standing up for myself.
🐞Chilling out with our fury baby.
🐙My kids being so gentle with our feathered babies. Its way to cute.
🐊 Our furry baby learning our budgies are friends not food.



Today I’m grateful for :
💖 having my kids getting completely filthy with me in the garden whilst we made more halloween props.. yes we go all out and end up having a horror house.  The neighbourhood love it and always keep coming back.!
💟 Having the strength to not go off at someone today even tho they completely deserved it. ..
💜 Laughing with my kids is priceless
💛 My daughter riding around on her 3 wheeler going “mmmrrrmmmhhh”
💚 My son whom loves playing wqith his sister



Today I’m grateful for :
🎍Spending another day in the garden with the kids and our fury baby.
💐Seeing how our garden is attracting so many various butterflies is beautiful.
💎Drawing with the kids= creative little minds.
🔨Doing my d.i.y maintance tonight
💢Mending and attending to my dad who had an accident at work. Seriously he got a mouthful of his stupidity as it needed stitches and it needed to be reported due to his workmen being unsafe!!..

Do it yourself


I’m going to say I’m grateful for being my own knowledgeable maintance/repair person. I have been brought up with learning how to do as much as possible in all areas including: cars, house, appliances etc. So it also helps being able to do most of the stuff myself without having to call in costly tradies who (not all are bad) would cost alot to do a job you can do yourself. This is a must do for all ladies to remember…

Having a fridge not cooling properly or the freezer isnt doing its job?? Have you ever cleaned the motor or vent in the back of the fridge?? What?? I’ll show you..


Right here at the back of the fridge you should see this once you unscrew the pannel…

Wondered why you need to??? Take a look…


This is a low grade of dust build up… its a major fire hazard also a major reason if you have had a spike in electricity bills…

Its easy to clean/dust..
Rubber gloves
Fine paint brush
Duster or vacum with a small head attachment..
Remember turn off the power before you start doing anything..

Get in and remove as much as you can possibly see..


Once you can no longer see the dust. Screw the cover back on.. turn the power back on and it will run perfectly.

These pictures are from google, not my own fridge but by putting this up i hope to help at least one person or empower them to give it a try.. it wont hurt..

Note: i do this every 4 months roughly and noticed a reduction in the electrical power bill. I also had a kick in the bum from mum to share my knowledge on a simple d.i.y task 💞



I love this because it explains the reasons why they need mess: as a teacher and working with kids for 10 years I explained to parents countless times: let them play, let them be messy…


Why?? I still remember quite a few parents whom were ” clean paranoid ” and their children.. poor kids ended up with such a phobia and not being able to participate in messy play due to the learned fear created by the parents… LET THEM PLAY and LET THEM EXPLORE


Today I’m grateful for :
💖 Toilet training. These moments are priceless! Seriously!! My daughter did a poo on the toilet and proceeded to clap and give mummy hi 5’s. thing plop goes the dummy landing in the toilet sitting proudly on her poo. Needless to say little miss was not impressed when I flushed it. We have millions of dummies for this exact reason!.
🚵 My son who taught his sister to ride her very first little 3 wheeler. cute!! Then proceeded to tell me we need to put stickers on it for her. Then he has been pushing her around all night!
🍇My dad. When he has a medical situation he always comes to me. Tonight I had to cut a whole finger nail off because he got it caught and squashed it at work: seriously a river of blood came out and the relief on his face was priceless. Yes I get my high pain tollerence from my dad.
🍦My daughter who is only 16 months using her manners then claps herself for a job well done.
👜 Went shopping with my kids and the routine is to get a coffee for me and a hot chocolate for my son. I couldn’t have been more proud when my son asked and placed our order then asked if his litte sister could have a warm milk (called a baby chino) .. he then gave it to her and she said ta with the biggest smile!



Today I’m grateful for :
🌞 Being able to have 5 minutes sitting and soaking up the warm sun like a lizard. I’m going to make a area like this in the backyard so everyone can join in.
🐦 For the little pony returning from holiday. I walk pass everyday almost and the shetland pony has been on holidays. I’m happy its back as its such a friendly little fella and I always stop to chat and pat.
🐓 Being able to almost have my daughter fully toilet trained (shes only just 16 months). I’ve not pushed her, shes been miss independent and started herself at 6 months.
🐃 Laughing when my daugter does a wee/poo in the toilet and our routine is a stamp followed by hi 5’s. . Well now mummy gets stamped all over and a hi 5 as well!!
🐴My son having the idea to do his own homework without asking. Please continue this…



Even tho Im feeling zombiefied today I’m grateful for :
🌞 Scaring the hell out of my son: I laughed so hard I almost cried.
🌻 Watching my kids play in the yard whilst I mowed was priceless.
🌹 Watching my dad with my daughter on his lap doing the usual routine in front of the computer. Dad plays his favourite music to her and shes hooked: willie nelson, old school rock n roll: all the music I love.
🍀My dad having just time with my son.
🌺 Mum laughing like muttley.. (its a good day)