Currently im recovering from having sevear carpul tunnel surgery and whilst in surgery they discovered that I have shattered and broken my wrist.. epic.




Today I’m grateful for :
🌻 A warm bubble bath with my daughter after being power spewed on by my baby girl.
🐶 Purchasing a much needed new computer desk dirt cheap. I love bargains!
🐙 The warm sun warming up and recharging my exhausted body(for a small bit).
🐝 My dad asking me for help.
🌞 My son who so wise beyond his years.




So the kids and nana are eating afternoon tea when my daughter walks up to me with open arms indicating she wants a cuddle. I’m laying on the floor so I sit up and in that very second she let rip this massive power spew that went everywhere and all over ME! Yes in my hair, some on my face, all over my cloths. To be honest I’ve got an iron stomach so I’m not bothered but my son runs out of the room gagging whilst nana is on the couch next to me freaking out yelling at my son to get the wipes. I instantly say in a calm voice ‘mum just shut up theirs no need to freak out and let him go or he’ll spew on you.” Inside I’m laughing cause shes started gagging whilst baby girl is emptying the contents of her stomach all over me. I casually pick her up and head straight to the bath room. My daughter didnt cry. I casually said “do you feel better now baby girl?” She replies “mum” whilst nodding yes.  Needless to say a huge bubble bath was had and all smiles as shes feeling much better!

Teething like a champion


Today is kind of a struggle. Getting frustrated as Im feeling like death warmed up. Apparently my body has decided to crash and burn from minimal sleep and now my immune system is down and out = welcome chest infection. Little miss has been cutting teeth like its a huge rush to grow up, cutting 4 molars at once. She’s not a crying baby with teething she just get mad acidic runny poos with it. The result from the poos being so acidic is a red raw anus. Cream is applied so thickly I feel like a bricky doing rendering. On top of that she has never been a great night sleeper, but last night constantly waking up has left me feeling like my eyes are hanging out of my head.

Feeling a bit meh.


Today I’m grateful for :
🐞 My daughter who is in to helping me do everything..makes me laugh so very hard.!
🐍 My son who is proud of himself at the moment for doing well at his school work.
🐙Having the workers finally finish all the painting/renos in this house. Not loving the toxic paint smell tho.
🐢Finally having been able to put some order into the bedroom… until little miss comes in and ‘sorts it all out’
🐲 Biting my tongue instead of having a full go at a really nasty passive agressive comment.



Having a bit of an inner meltdown at the moment. You know the ones where inside you wanna scream or swear like a trooper.. but on the outside you look fine? Thats me. Dont get me wrong i love my mum but all my life she has been a woman of unpredictable moods. She lives in the past, always plays the victim and feeds of it. Me: I’m the rainbow in the downpour: i hate sympathy it litterally makes me mad. I never play the victim as i have held this theory: play the victim and your life stops or cowboy up and laugh about it. Rodeo baby! This afternoon my mum had a mood change and randomly made a nasty comment about my choice to remove my implant. Tried to pass itt off as a joke after i bit back at what she said. Me= i dont take crap. So she got that message loud and clear when i stated im not interested in her game. My whole life with my mother is a head game. I thought f you seriously and just wont talk to her at the moment. Such a nasty person when she has a mood then plays the part of ‘whats wrong with you? What are you pissed at? Etc.’ If i was able to purchase my own house i wouldn’t have to put up with this crap. When shes good its great but when a mood hits you can cut the air with a knife. Anyone have any situations like this or advice?



Seriously their is nothing more peaceful than getting dirty in the garden. Its like your connecting and chanelling the earths energies. I’ve always had an obsession with gardening and I believe their is no better form of relaxing/destressing than getting in an digging. I have always had my kids get in to ‘helping me’ in the garden from a very young age..my kids have their own gardening tools and often help mummy dig. What I find amazingly funny is people who freak at the sight of their kids getting dirty or even taste testing the soil/dirt. Seriously It’s not going to kill them and if you start the freaking out about mess when their little be prepared for a child with ocd or germ issues later on. Growing up for me i had some of the best times with my family in the garden. We even loved (and had allocated a huge area in our garden for this) making a huge mud pit, getting absolutely filthy and having a blast. So why not let your kids experience the joy and have the same fun you did?.



I thought that I would put up on here why I dont put up personal photos of myself or my kids… I’ve been through way too much hence why I domestic violence orders and sole custody of my children. So needless to say I’m just putting up the reason if your wondering..

Oh Happy Day..


Today I am grateful for:
🌈My G.P who took out my implanon implant.
📷Actually being able to take a few photos of my daughter doing her new ‘stink face’..Priceless
📚 Being able to read a few long chapters in my book undisturbed while waiting for my doctor..
😆Seeing my sons huge smile and my daughter laughing/giggling as they played on the swing together.
🍀Taking my daughter for a huge walk today… half way through she ended up falling asleep peacefully.



Ok so tomorrow is the big day.. I’m finally getting my Implanon taken out. Why so happy?? Well I’ve been having my period straight for over 5 months now and I’m looking forward to getting my body back to normal. Yes you read correctly full on periods lasting for over 5 months… So the nervousness comes from my next decision: finding a sperm donor via artificial insemination only and tracking my ovulation cycles for a successful outcome = my last baby I have this monster urge. Wish me luck.



Today I’m grateful for:

  • The workers who came and started finally fixing our house.. Should be back to normal living as work finishes this Friday.
  • The warm sun on such an icy cold day!!
  • My daughter making her new “stink face” oh  my god this makes me instantly laugh!
  • My son having his new confidence and self belief and worth in his abilities with doing his school work.
  • Seeing my dad go gushy over my kids.. he’s not been like that before with anyone.

Zombie ( no sleep mummy)


Today I’m grateful for :
🐬 My son helping him pull out his aching tooth: 2 days of putting up with unnecessary pain is not on. (must remember TOOTHFAIRY )
👅Finishing one of my books (huge one #2 in series-now already powering through #3).
💙 Watching my kids play on their new swing i put up.
💕 Seeing our vegie garden flourishing.
💟 Seeing how proud my son is when he was able to finish his maths: after fighting about it..and he even enjoyed his sister draw a picture on his homework book so he could show the class tomorrow.

(Im sssoòo wrecked today i feel like im a zombie on my feet= toddler teething 4 teeth at once)



Today I’m grateful for :
🐞 For building a blanket/pillow camp/forte and watched a Strawberry short cake dvd with my beautiful kids.
💕 My son wanting to push his sister in the trolley at the shops: he did this so he could pick and show her some clothes ge wanted to buy her.
💟 My kids = I love them to infinity and beyond.
💜My son who even tho has a weak stomach: kept his cool and calmed his sister after she just power spewed everywhere this arvo.
💙 Playing chase hide and seek with the kids: laughing to the point of pain!

Old school MANNERS


This Personally irritates me. I have noticed that so many people have no manners or even grasp the concept of using manners. Their is nothing worse than hearing kids say “I want etc etc”, society on a whole has just become so rude. I personally have been raised with the old school manners rule. I’m also raising my children that way. Its lovely to hear so much positive feed back on how wonderfully mannered they are then followed by “I wish some children were like that” This isn’t a rant on how children are spoilt brats etc this also includes all ages.

What are old school manners you say??
👍Looking people in the eye when talkin to them
👍Always say please and thank you..ever heard this “whats the magic word?”
👍Talk to people, engage in conversation not being so distracted by your mobile etc
👍Introduce yourself
👍Respect your elders
👍Dont interrupt conversation.. wait for a pause and say excuse me..
👍Dont stare its rude
The list goes on. Basically its all the SMALL STUFF that is forgotten.

For adults I’ve noticed hardly anyone uses their manners. Seriously and the worst offenders I get most irritated by are people driving and people who cross the crossings these days dont even put their hand up to signal thanks. You know if people we actually aware that if they just used the “thanks signal” by waving or putting up their hand to indicate thank you, I would bet this would be a major contributor to down grading road rage. Think about it: have you ever let someone indicate and enter your lane when its peak traffic and you became pissed off at their rudeness. .. how much of a difference would you feel if they signaled thanks? Thank simple action acknowledges you and their gratefulness of letting them in.
I would seriusly value if anyone took the time to comment and acknowledge they read this.



Today I’m grateful for :
💗 My son playing funny games with my daughter. Its just priceless and so beautiful.
💋Watching my daughter develop her little personality. Bliss.
💪Being able to help mum when she needs medical attention asap.
🙆Being able to touch up my hair color whilst multitasking.
👂Listening and laughing a the conversations my mum has with my kids.