Ok so today i have been on my hands and knees scrubbing everything in our old house armed with gloves, hard ass bleach and other chemicals..


So when i hand the keys back for that house i will recieve a full bond refund.. considering i paid the total bond plus 3 weeks rent at our new place.. i need the refund..

Problem is that i feel so underappreciated by how much effort and hard work I’ve done for moving an entire house into our new one pretty much by myself and I’m now cleaning up the mess. I spent most of the day scrubbing like cinderella and still no one says even a thank you… I seriously feel a total crash and burn coming as I’ve only been able to sleep 30mins each night for the past few months… i want to scream at my parents in a verbal tyrant and so deservingly tell them im not their bloody slave..200w_d.gif