Going to have a bit of a vent here:

💫 Currently surviving on very minimal sleep and its been an on going thing. . Adding into that mix I’ve been diagnosed with extreemly low levels of iron and possibly need iv transfusions..

😨My 2 year old daughter sleeps now from 8pm to 930pm then its party time until I  can eventually get her back to sleep at the wee hours in the morning… omg whoever said toddlers not sleeping during the day instead all through the night has been sugar coating..

😥 I feel like a walking corpse at most times and im not one to whinge… but I really feel I’m close to breaking point. ..

😤 i ended up having my right carpul tunnel surgery done and found out that I had shattered my wrist… that was back in early march and my hand/wrist is still trying to mend…


Long time between blogs


So I’ve not been able to get on and post anything for a while. Its been a tad crazy with both my kids being sick, I had a major crash and burn health wise and also my mum has been in these really crap high and low moods ie: happy one minute then being a total asshole the next. It’s really put pressure on the house emotionally and I have had to hold my tounge so many times I feel like a big verbal explosion of hateful truths will be spewed out of my mouth and she wont like it one bit of it. I honestly can’t understand the logical thought process of someone thinking it’s ok to be a total ass on all levels and then the next minute showering happy glittering fairy dust everywhere. When this happens oh my god she makes everyone around her feel like a monsterous blackhole as just engulfed everyone and everything surrounding her. It’s her pattern and I’ve had to deal with her feral mood patterns all my life. I wish she was honest with herself and told the doctors the truth on her mood rollercoaster but within saying that: how can she state the truth when she can’t see her destructive learned behaviour.  Honeslty if she did or the the doctor asked me about her behaviours then I would be blunt and honest as anyone could possibly be… I whole heartily grantee that she would be diagnosed with either; bipolar or manic depression and put on medications. It genuinely sucks to be around someone like this who won’t get help, who keep taking their feral moods out on everyone around them, in turn dragging everyone down with them. My only point of venting my complete frustration of her is here. Argh… I honestly feel like im pulling my hair out whilst banging my face against a brick wall…

More shenanigans


Today I’m grateful for :
🌺 Having a beautiful monarch butterfly fly past me and gently touch my cheek as if to say hello.
🌿 Meeting a neighbors mum who has the thickest Scottish accent.
🌹 My daughter “helping” me put up more halloween decorations in the yard.
🌷My son who is 10 still wanting to cuddle up to his sister even tho she was attempting to have a meltdown with full blown tears and trying to comfort her.
🌻 My son giggling in hysterics as i purposly sang extremely loud on the way home from school and on purpose sounding like a dying cat.

Jump scares..


Today I’m grateful for :
😱Making halloween props and placing them outside… couldnt stop laughing as a dude driving a truck pulled up outside and after 4 looks went “holy shit thats scary!” (I have only put up 2 props so far hahah…)
🎭My kids laughing hysterically as nana chased them around going “rah”..hehe my daughter was absolutly hysterical laughing.
🐝 Randomly jump scaring my mum and son was son wasnt scared but mum freaked then couldn’t stop laughing like muttley..
🐉 My son having a great dayat school after returning from his surgery.
🐲 Reading more of my book.


Tuesday 20th oct I am grateful for :
💗 Keeping up this grateful challenge.
💜The soare few minutes I have to post on my blog.
💛 Drawing with the kids.
💚 Playibg soccer withthe kids and laughing as the fury baby joins in
💙 Water play!!
Monday 19th October; I was grateful for:
🌷Planting sunflower seeds with the kids…i end up growing multi heads on one huge stem. My biggest count on one large stalk is 15!
🎃 Laughing at my mum and kids playing with this interactive candy bowl we purchased for halloween..priceless
🎀 Reading a bit more
🍬 Setting up some of my monsters for the horror house in the garage…dad walked in an instantly said wtf..haha
🍒Playing with our feathered babies!



Today I’m grateful for :
😈Creating specimen jars for Halloween with the kids. .. funny as..


Rubber glove filled with water and marked with a grubby band aid + nikko..


White Styrofoam balls = black sharpie pupil, red pen then red food dye. Added glad wrap bunched at the top to have an even fill in the jar..


Skull head, rats and maggots in red food dye..
🐦 Playing with the kids in mud!
🐲 Warm /hot bubble baths with my daughter.
🐞 All the butterflies in our gardens.
🐛 The warm sun was nice whilst we were all checking out our vegie garden.